Jobs… Vacancies… Work… Has anyone seen any?

Whilst making a lovely bacon sarnie for breakie this morning, I heard on t’radio, that Job Centre Plus offices around the country are flooded with vacancies and they had all sorts of work available too, part time, full time, everything. Now I haven’t been in a Job Centre Plus for quite some time now but I am going to give whoever the politician was, the benefit of the doubt. I have no reason to think he was lying. There must be jobs out there, there has to be.

And my argument is supported by the vacancy signs I see in the town centre. Phones 4 U were looking for new staff, as was one of the girly clothes shops (can’t remember the name of the shop, sorry). Not that it matters, my point being that there are jobs out there, people can earn money.

The government says it’s skint too. Since the wank… ahem... bankers put us into this recession all you hear the politicians moan about is money. We have no money for this, we can’t afford to pay for that… No, you can’t have any cash, we ain’t got any… Oh, what do you mean there are political points to earn if we fund weekly refuse collections, here’s twenty million, make it so.

Skint, skint, skint… Change the record Cameron. You say we can’t afford shit. The boy Milliband says you’re a liar… Cameron retorts with ‘we would have the money but for the last government’… you get the picture. Recession is here, we are all skint… The government can’t help and is looking for more ways to cream even more taxes from Jo-Shmo, whilst letting the rich get away with whatever they were getting away with that put us down this hole in the first place.

So we need to get people off the dole. The sponging twats… There are jobs available… OK, so where is the problem? Tell the spongers that if they don’t take a job that they are on the bread line with no money from the social system being awarded. Simply, don’t do this job, don’t get dole… And I don’t care if they don’t like it.

The thing is, I work… Most people who read this will work too. Now I am lucky, I like my job but I know loads of people who hate their jobs. They work to get by, because they have too. They may be miserable but what has happiness got to do with work??? You do it, you get paid, you live… I don’t see why it is so hard.

So this is my message to all of those sponging little gits who are taking the Michael.

GET A JOB… I don’t care if you don’t want to work in McDonalds, you dropped out of school because you thought you knew better. Well prove it and go do something worthwhile or start flipping those Big Macs you tosser. I don’t care if you think you are better than burger flipping, you’re not. You’re just a jaded idiot. Start where we all did, at the bottom and put some graft into earning money, as opposed to thinking the stuff grows on trees.

And please remember, this isn’t aimed at everyone on the system. I understand times are hard, people are losing their jobs. My heart goes out to you all and I truly mean that. But this isn’t about the people out there actively searching for employment… Big love to you lot, please don’t think this is about you… NO WAY!!!

If I want a bacon sandwich, I have to go to work and earn the money that allows me to pay for the bacon, bread, ketchup. Now if I don’t work so hard and don’t get so much, I am buying Tesco budget white bread, some crappy bacon bits and ketchup that is runnier than piss… and has the same twang about it. Now if I want a nicer bacon butty and go out and work a little harder, maybe I can afford the granary cob, the finest hickory smoked back bacon on the shelf, hienz ketchup and some proper-bo butter… that’s what economics is and if you don’t get that then you are stoopid. EARN… SPEND… LIVE… it helps the economy, it helps you, it bails out the idiots in Parliament.

The government don’t assist in financing bacon each week, I am not getting anything for nothing, I just wonder what the differences are between me and the average sponging twat???

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